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Windy Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Shelly & Donovan

Spent a wonderful if slightly challenging day with this lovely mother and son, driving out to the west. We had a quick look around and a few photos at Windsor Castle which was closed and then headed for Stonehenge, where we braved high winds and some fairly driving rain, to experience the wonder of the stones. Donovan is an extremely bright young man who will be exploring/explaining the wonders of the universe to us all in later years and he was full of interesting questions for me on the day... something which I love.

We had a good drive around the city of Bath including the Royal Crescent where we took some interesting photos (which bent it the wrong way...see above) and I told them the funny story of the yellow door.

After grabbing probably the last parking spot in Bath we headed for for the Abbey where we got this great photo of the three of us.

After a lovely Italian meal, in which I my introduced Shelley to halloumi cheese for the first time we had a little 'let's get lost' wonder on our way back to the car.

Arrived back in London about 7 tired but happy.

I do hope that, once he's completed a degree, Donovan decides to do a postgrad in the UK one day and we may meet again.

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