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Timescape Tours Terms & Conditions



Deposit - of 10% is payable in order to confirm your booking. For most of our tours this amounts to no more than £55-70. This is non-refundable but guarantees that the date is yours.


Balance - is payable no later than 7 days before the tour. The balance is refundable up to 24 hours before the tour. In the event of cancellation by you but is of course fully refundable (with the initial deposit) in the unlikely event of cancellation by us.

Cash - Is acceptable on the day by arrangement. Only British Pounds are accepted.


Tickets - to locations on the tour must be purchased by clients. Links are provided on the ‘Tour Details’ page with advised booking times etc. We advise to book along with your tour booking as popular destinations can sell out at the most desirable times. Tickets are the responsibility and possession of the client even if the tour is cancelled for any reason.


Best Efforts - will be made by Timescape Tours to complete your tour as advertised but Timescape Tours cannot be held responsible for any interruptions, delays or closures beyond our control. This includes traffic delays, road closures and unexpected variations of opening times or unexpected closures of locations. In all cases an acceptable alternative will be sought.


Insurance -Timescape Tours advises all clients to make sure their travel insurance is up to date and appropriate to the journeys they undertake. All our vehicles are covered by professional Hire and Reward Insurance and our guides by Public Liability Insurance. Timescape Tours will not bear any liability for the theft of any clients possessions during a tour, including those which are stolen from one of our vehicles. All items are left in the vehicles at their owners risk.


Guides - If you have toured with us before and wish to request the same guide we will do our best to accommodate you where possible. We do however reserve the right to match you with any suitable guide and vehicle available for the date booked.


Behaviour - This has never been an issue as all our clients, without exception, have been lovely people. We do however reserve the right to cancel any tour at any point should the behaviour of anyone on the tour be considered unacceptable by the guide. Rules at all locations must be respected (hats off and no photography in St Georges Chapel, Windsor for example) and complied with by all clients on the tour. Clients must at all times be prepared to follow the rules as laid out by their guide.


Damage - In the (extremely unlikely) event of damage being done to any vehicle we reserve the right to place a charge on the client equivalent to but not exceeding cost of the repair. This also extends to a professional clean where a vehicle has been soiled in any way.


Images - We may often take photographs for you during tours and may, in some instances, ask you permission to use them on our website or social media channels. We will always seek your permission to do this and always abide by your choice.

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