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Chilly day at Stonehenge

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Andrea, Sean and Tiffany from Lexington, Kentucky

I picked these guys up from the Lalit Hotel near London bridge and we headed out to Windsor, and then west for Woodhenge and Stonehenge. Woodhenge, now marked out with concrete posts where the mighty tree trunks once stood, is adjacent to Durrington Walls, a fairly recent discovery and  even more mysterious than Stonehenge itself. 

Got some nice pictures with the new Nikon and discussed the celestial alignment of Stonehenge, including how the axis runs straight from the heel stone through the the altar stone and to the setting sun point of the winter solstice.

We decided on on Salisbury rather than Bath as a final stop, as being closer, we would have more time for a proper sit down meal at the ancient (1320) Haunch of Venison Inn. 

On the trip home we swung by the West End of London to enjoy the fabulous Christmas lights we are so lucky to have in this beautiful city. 

These guys were great company and their wide-ranging knowledge made conversation with them such a pleasure. Sean even knows quite a lot about English football!

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