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Osborne House
Osborne House

Osborne ranks as a hidden gem among the Royal residences. It is at once both intimate and grand, it speaks to both Victoria's passion for Albert and her family, but also to the grief she suffered when losing him so unexpectedly in 1861 a full 40 years before she was to die there herself..
Being a hidden gem Osborne is also frequently less crowded then other major attractions and one has the time to fully relax and enjoy the experience.

The day takes on the flavour of adventure as it involves a sea crossing from Southampton to the Isle of Wight, a voyage so often undertaken by the royal family on the royal yacht, named Osborne after the house itself.

As well as the grand reception rooms there is a view of Victoria's private life, from the private dressing rooms and offices to the nursery. With nine children there were frequent birthday celebrations. See the delightful Swiss Cottage' where the children were taught (at Albert insistence) the skills of every day life such as growing and cooking their own food. We can lunch in the restaurant there or, if you prefer, order one of our luxury picnics to eat over looking the Solent from Victoria's private beach. If we're lucky we might even get a flyby from one of the Spitfire based at a nearby aerodrome. The gift shop is exceedingly well stocked and even sell gin with added zest from lemons grown on the estate.

Please Note - Ferry tickets are not included as they are seasonally priced, They will be billed separately in advance and this payment also serves as your deposit. Price is usually around £100 -£140.


Trip Details


Pick-up time – 09.00

Drop-off time – 19.00

Drive Time total – 5 hrs

Steps (approximate) – 8-10K

Ticket Link –

Osborne House Drive
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