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Explore Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle

Often described as the most beautiful castle in England, it has stood on its two islands since the 9th century AD. Leeds Castle has been the site of violent sieges, an adultery that begat the Tudors and, at various times, was home to the queens of Edward 1st (Eleanor of Castile) Edward II (Isabella of France) and Henry VIII (Catherine of Aaragon).


Its remarkable and unique layout make it a beautiful place to explore, experience and photograph and its situation, surrounded by water on every side, give it a truly magical atmosphere.

In the 1920s the castle was bought by American heiress Lady Olive Ballie who, much in the style of the Astors at Hever, restored the house and used it as her society playground, hosting everyone from Cary Grant and Charlie Chaplain to Winston Churchill.

Set in stunning sculpture gardens an hour's drive from London, Leeds is a sensory delight and being less crowded than more famous sites, is very relaxing to visit.


Trip Details


Pick-up time – 09.00

Drop-off time – 17.00

Drive Time total – 2hr 30mins

Steps (approximate) – 8-10K

Ticket Link –

Leeds Castle tour Map
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