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Explore Hampton Court, England's answer to Versailles.
Hampton Court Palace

Explore this remarkable and unique 'double' palace, where eras overlap and the course of history was forever changed. Here ruled Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, the most powerful man England after the king,  only to watch his power ebb away when he failed to convince the Pope to grant Henry VIII's divorce. Climb the steps from Anne Boleyn’s Gate to wonder at the greatest medieval hall in England. Stand in Henry's 'Great Watching Chamber', where nobles vied for the King's attention and his fifth wife was declared an adulterer. Walk the halls through which, some say, her ghost still runs, crying out for the mercy she was never granted.

Stepping through a time portal at the end of the Haunted Gallery we spring forward 150 years into the magnificent Baroque Palace. This was William & Mary's answer to Versailles.  The queen who married her cousin and disposed her father from the throne of England, the king who ended French ambitions to rule all of Europe. 

Explore the gardens, the privy gardens and perhaps even the maze, the most famous in the land. See one of the first tennis courts built in England,  'Real Tennis' the much beloved sport of many English monarchs, is often still played at the Hampton Court and can often see players in action there today.


We then enjoy a leisurely drive back to your hotel along the River Thames.


Add Thames Riverboat Picnic
Princess Freda

After touring the Palace we guide you to the nearby landing stage and board you onto a lovely old Thames river boat with a handmade picnic in a classic wicker basket. This is made to order, and as well as delicious organic food, can contain either bubbly, wine, soft drinks or even a nice flask of tea!

You'll be provided with a guide book telling you the names and history of all the little islands you pass, including Eel Pie Island, a much loved party playground of the Stones in the 1960's.

We meet up with you again in the car at Richmond, about an hour downstream and whisk you back to your hotel. To do the Palace and the riverboat picnic use the booking button here:


Trip Details

Pick-up time – 09.00-11.00

Drop-off time – 13.30- 18.00 (depending on sailing times)

Drive Time total – 1hr 20mins

Steps (approximate) – 8-10K

Ticket Link –

Hampton Court Drive
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