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Spitfire with Shark Mouth

Fly a Spitfire

Realizing one's dream to fly a Spitfire, the iconic World War II fighter aircraft, is an exhilarating experience that combines history, passion, and the thrill of flight. As you climb into the cockpit, you feel the weight of the legacy that these magnificent aircraft carry. The smell of leather and engine oil fills the air, heightening your anticipation.

With the engine roaring to life, your pilot takes you down to the end of the runway at Biggin Hill, Britain's most famous Battle of Britain fighter base, and awaits clearance from the tower. As you accelerate away, the distinctive roar of the Rolls Royce Merlin comes alive in your ears and you sweep up into the skies, over Kent the very airspace where Churchill’s Few saved Britain from the Nazi menace.

Should you choose you are accompanied by friends or family and your own personal photographer in an accompanying chase plane or even a Messerschmitt 109 for a dummy dogfight. Your pilot will allow you to fly the aircraft and guide you through some manoeuvrers before performing a classic wing-over as you peel away towards London. Your pilot will also take you through some basic aerobatics such as a barrel roll.

Flying a Spitfire is not just about piloting a remarkable machine; it's about connecting with a piece of history, honouring the courage of those who fought tyranny, and embracing the wonder of flight. It's an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your soul and one you will treasure forever.

As well as your memories you will take home full length GoPro footage to share with nearest and dearest.

We have three two seater Spitfires available as well as a Hawker Hurricane and a P51 Mustang.

Depending on the itinerary set for the day we can follow up with a roast dinner at the White Hart (the Spitfire boys pub) and even a visit to Chartwell, Churchill’s own country home which is nearby.

POA - Please contact us via any of the channels below to enquire

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