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Dover Castle
Dover Castle
Canterbury Cathedral



Dover Castle is, some claim, the largest and most impressive fortress in the whole of Great Britain. It guards the vital port below and contains within it’s ancient walls some of the most vital strata in English history, literally tunnelled into the white cliffs below.

Although fortifications have stood on this site since the iron age, it was the Romans who left us the first recognisable building, in the shape of Incredible Pharos or lighthouse. This still stands today within the walls of Henry 2nd's imposing fortress, in which he had to build a chapel to st. Thomas a Becket, head of the English church and childhood friend whom he had martyred.

The castle later went on to be reinforced against both Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, when it played a vital part in suppressing any chances of a successful invasion of Britain. We can explore the extensive underground networks built during these times from Napoleon era barracks to WW2 operating theatres, The Grand Shaft, a triple helix staircase built by Brigadier-General William Twiss in 1809 to enable thousands of troops to deploy from the castle to the town below in a matter of minutes.

All these eras remain to be experienced during a day exploring Dover Castle, including a wonderful walk along the famous White Cliffs, emblematic of England’s willingness to protect its independence across the ages, and a glorious natural wonder to be experienced for oneself.











30 minutes from Dover by car is Canterbury, home to perhaps the most important cathedral in the land, founded by St Augustine in AD 597, diocese of the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the church of England.

Building of the cathedral began here in the rein of William the Conqueror in 1070, along with Windsor Castle and the Tower of London. It was here that King Henry 2nd, builder of the Dover Castle, walked barefoot in sackcloth and ashes as penance for the murder of Thomas a Becket, 'This turbulent priest' , who was put to death by four of Henry’s Knights at the altar on the 29th of December exactly 100 years later.

Explore the ancient mediaeval town with it’s little alleyways, tea shops or even take a rowing boat trip on the secret twists of the River Stour as it winds through the town.

Canterbury Cathedral


Trip Details


Pick-up time – 09.00

Drop-off time – 18.00

Drive Time total – 4hrs

Steps (approximate) – 10-12K

Ticket Link – Dover Castle - 

Canterbury Cathedral

Dover and Canterbury Drive
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