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Mark and his Mercedes S Class

Here I am posing (a little pretentiously perhaps) with my Mercedes S-Class. She's made for touring, with double panoramic sunroofs and a long wheelbase.  We called her Silverado, only to discover that the Americans have a truck of the same name!

My name is Mark Cairns and I am the owner of Timescape Tours. I conduct most of the tours personally, but we also have a variety of associate guides to increase your chances of being able to book a date that suits you.


If you’re with me then we will be in my Mercedes (S-Class) and I can tell you not only the history of this great city and country but many tales from my own long and varied life here.

I lived in London as a child (as well as the States and Europe) and moved back here 1979. I have worked as everything from a cycle courier to a pop photographer, a novelist, an entrepreneur and company director.


As well as tour guiding I run transport for film production and music stars, which serves to keep life interesting! I still work as a photographer from time to time and I’m happy to take all your pictures when we are out for the day.


Do get in touch if you have any questions about the tours we run or if you have any custom requests.

Mark n Rosie

(This is me and Ruby, unfortunately she's not my dog, before anyone gets too excited! )

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